Jennifer Broutin Farah

Selected Projects




– prototype, installation, energy harnessing, Fluxxlab

HITEC Guestroom 2010 - Austin, TX in collaboration with fluxxlab

Powerslide is an innovative product that turns the sliding motion of common building components such as sliding doors, windows, and drawers into a source of energy. The device uses an integral alternator designed for each application to harness and redistribute the energy toward the building system, most suitably LED lighting.

By harvesting the residual energy of human effort and converting it to light, the PowerSlide will directly communicate a single person’s contribution to an energy cycle possible through the metabolic relationship between people, technology, and architecture. Fluxxlab was invited to create a prototype for Guestroom 2010 in Austin, TX in June of 2008 to showcase a future product for the hospitality industry. The Powerslide mechanism was added to a closet door that when opened would power the lighting to illuminate the closets’ contents.