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SproutsIO Microfarm
SproutsIO Microfarm
SproutsIO Microfarm
SproutsIO Microfarm
SproutsIO Microfarm
SproutsIO Microfarm
SproutsIO Microfarm Planting the SproutsIO (SeedPod V2) with sensor console on planting pod.
SproutsIO Microfarm SproutsIO planting pod with aeroponic mist of water and nutrients.
SproutsIO Microfarm SproutsIO (SeedPod V2) full assembly.
SproutsIO Microfarm View of SproutsIO (SeedPod V2) installed in the home in multiples.
SproutsIO Microfarm Fruit/Vegetable loss from farm to table.
SproutsIO Microfarm Benefits of aeroponics to soil production.
SproutsIO Microfarm SproutsIO (SeedPod V2) network diagram that connects system to database and mobile application.
SproutsIO Microfarm Network of SproutsIO (SeedPod V2) growing and sharing information amoung users.
SproutsIO Microfarm SproutsIO (SeedPod V2) quick modular assembly for ease of use.
SproutsIO Microfarm SproutsIO uses aeroponic technology - misting nutrients and water at the roots of the plant - to grow produce.

SproutsIO Microfarm


urban agriculture, microfarming, prototyping, sensors, food, MIT Media Lab

MIT Media Lab, Changing Places Group

(Please also see SeedPod project for early documentation)

Sprouts IO Microfarm introduces a new strategy for producing and consuming accessible, affordable organic produce, implemented locally and scaled globally to change the food industry.

SproutsIO is a growing station that assists users to microfarm produce efficiently indoors using patent pending technology developed at the MIT Media Lab, with the following features:

• Aeroponic system: Misting of water and nutrients for soil free growth • Growth management: With environmental monitoring and automation through mobile application for optimal watering, lighting, and nutrient delivery for different plant types. • Networked Connectivity: Multiple systems and users can connect to the system • Pesticide Free: Indoor operation eliminates the need for pesticides • Efficient Farming: Consumes 2% of water and 40% fertilizer required for soil farming • Multiple plant types: Can simultaneously grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and roots • Year round harvest cycle: Seasons and weather conditions do not affect harvest

SproutsIO Market (under development) is an online community that offers its members the following benefits:

• Producers can barter or sell to community members and third parties • Purchase plant seedlings and premixed nutrient cartridges for plant types • Plant care assistance and system maintenance • Remote farming service • Personal nutrition counseling for healthy diet and illness prevention • Community of growers for exchanging growing tips

Significant opportunities include the growth of the organic food market in the United States, coupled with population increase in cities. Demand among change makers, such as young professionals and middle to high income individuals for nutritious organic food and increased transparency in the market, has the potential to influence a growing community of users. As food costs continue to rise, consumers are in search of sustainable and equitable alternatives with ease of access and use. SproutsIO provides this solution.